I recently completed a 100 day out fit of the day challenge on instagram on how I recycle, reuse and reinvent my closet. The easiest part was getting dressed in the morning the hardest part was sticking to my word of the 100 day challenge. It was something that made me uncomfortable and so badly wanted to say no to, but then I realized the fact I don’t wanna do it is probably a sign of why I should do it. So I said yes and did it a full 100 Days.

Here is the photo of my first and last for the full 100 Days check out my instagram.


@miss_singh: Today @aratisharma challenged me to share my #ootd for #100days. I hesitantly accepted this challenge but am committed to #100days of showing how I RECYCLE, REUSE, REINVENT my closet! cc: @walkin_closet #day1 #RX3 #ootd #byebyecomfortzone

#100days #ootd

D A Y 100: recycling, reusing, reinventing my own closet for #100days.

I completed the challenge and I gotta say I’ve never done anything straight for 100 days consistently. Thank you @aratisharma for encouraging me to do this & I DID IT!!!

Here are a few new things I learned about myself after 100 days of #RX3 #ootd.

*  I became less critical of myself and let go of my insecurities of how I look in a photo.

* Pushed me to do something that was outside of my comfort zone (I love taking selfies but when getting my photo taken I found I was uncomfortable at first but that passed lol)

*  To have fun and not take myself so seriously especially on social media.

* Let go of control… the control was outta my hands when it came to me asking someone daily to take my picture (that was hard).

* I also realized I still have way too many clothes and I could totally live on way less.

* Lastly it taught me to stay committed to something and keep my word.

I started this challenge as a personal challenge but what I didn’t realize would happen were the amount of people who enjoyed watching this process along the way.

Those who enjoyed the challenge and cheered me along the way; thank you I really appreciate it!

What’s next, I’m not sure but I’m sure I’ll have something up my sleeve.

Thank you to everyone of you who took my photo lol I was annoying I know!

Natasha Singh


Toronto Field Trip Festival


San Francisico


San Francisco photo by Nasakdemini


New York City


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