ARTS/CULTURE: Mumbai Street Fashion

This is street fashion at its best; this short piece by The Guardian is about Mumbai Street Fashion.  My dear friend Sharad Mohan found this very interesting piece via Ian Kamau’s blog and shared it with me.

Here is a short synopsis of the video:

“Street fashion blogger Manou goes on a sartorial adventure in Mumbai, tracing fashion styles that begin on the roadside before hitting the catwalk. His journey takes in milliners who have made hats for Lady Gaga and one-room labels in Bandra who scour the country for fast-disappearing hand-made textiles, but their inspiration is constant – the vibrant colours and improvised styles of the Indian street” – The Guardian

Not only did watching this short video  inspire me, but it reinstated my passion for fashion and deep love for India. It reminded me of how beautiful and one-of-a-kind Indian fashion really is. Being Indian myself, I might be a little bit biased!

The short video also showcases the NorBlack NorWhite project, the brainchild of two designers, Mriga and Amrit, who travel India, and focus each of their fashion collections on a particular region of India, such as Uttar Pradesh or Gujarat.  They explore the culture of India through a regions particular textile designs and art. They believe in paying respect, documenting & designing through adventure. I am a fan of NorBlack Norwhite’s design and feel that they do an excellent job in bridging the gap between the eastern and western fashion, but they also break the stereotypes of traditional Indian fashion.

Please take a moment to watch this video, and get inspired.


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