Who would of thought a four year old girl would be able to convince 20 adults to all dress up in their P.J’s to attend her 4th Birthday Party? Well, my adorable niece Asha is that very girl! She worked her magic and commanded that everyone must dress in their P.J’s or else they would […]

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ARTS/CULTURE: Mumbai Street Fashion

This is street fashion at its best; this short piece by The Guardian is about Mumbai Street Fashion.  My dear friend Sharad Mohan found this very interesting piece via Ian Kamau’s blog and shared it with me. Here is a short synopsis of the video: “Street fashion blogger Manou goes on a sartorial adventure in Mumbai, tracing […]

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FASHION: Sweet Trash = Secret Stash

[singlepic id=574 w=600 h=550 float=center] My sister visited a small, quaint town called Elora which is just outside of Guelph, Ontario. On her day trip she stumbled upon a vintage boutique called Sweet Trash. She automatically called me and was raving about how amazing it is. So over the holidays I decided to take a day trip with […]

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THRIFT: Antique Market in Nice France

I recently traveled to Nice, France where I stumbled upon an Antique Market filled with designer accessories, handbags, furniture, and porcelain. It’s held every Monday at the Cours Saleya in the old town from 7:00-18:00. The prices are not exactly cheap since there are a lot of wealthy tourist who are willing to pay top dollar for a precious […]

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