Inspired by the mantra, recycle, reuse, reinvent, I’ve taken old to create new, unique and personalized works of art within an environmentally conscious framework. The latest Singhnature project is inspired by universal themes of the evil eye. It is customary in many cultures to give evil eyes to loved ones as a symbol of protection against […]

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I’ve been collecting postcards from my travels for over 6 years. Today I finally decide to put them up on my bedroom wall.  It’s a wall to remind and inspire me of love, beauty, arts, culture, dance, heritage, travel and so much more. I’m going to call it my wall of passion!

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I have mentioned in past posts that Open Studio Wednesday’s @ Miracle Thieves is one of my favourite days of the week! First of all, it’s hump day! The middle of the 9-5 Monday to Friday work week, which is why Open Studio is a great way to break up the week, get creative and […]

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FASHION: East Meets West… Recycle, Reuse, Reinvent

I definitely have a passion for taking the old and transforming it into new – whether it be fashion, interiors, or even arts & crafts. I not only get inspiration from vintage fashion, but I also get inspired by traditional Indian fashions. The fabrics, prints, colours, textures and silhouettes of the clothing set off many […]

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DIY Treasure Chest

I’ve always had a fascination with trunks. Even as a child watching “Mr.Dress Up,” my sister and I were so envious of his tickle trunk and the amazing costumes that he had in them. Well this fascination turned into an obsession and has carried on to my adulthood. For years now, I’ve been on a […]

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DIY On the Go Postcard

A few months back I started attending a weekly “Open Art Studio” which allows people, like myself, to explore their artistic ability in a studio setting where tools and direction are provided by experienced artists. It is very reminiscent of a high school art class (minus the drama of high school). For me, it’s more […]

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