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If you have been following my blogs, you will know that I have been ranting and raving about how great the Bbq & Cocktails on the Friday night of the fabulous wedding in British Columbia was… well it definitely did not end there. The wedding which was the following day was held in Birken B.C (basically an hour and a bit outside of Whistler) The wedding was located in the backyard of the bride’s (Rebecca) parents retreat home.  It honestly felt as if we were in the middle of no where, but come to think of it, I believe we were.  As we walked out of the bus (and yes I said bus!) that picked us up from our hotel,  my sister and I excitedly rushed down the path that led us to the awaiting wedding around back.  There was a greeting line to pass through, so we had time to stop along out way down the path to observe all of the simple but amazing details of the natural landscape of her parents home.

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Now back to the wedding details… there were many clever details put in place all around such as the LOO sign pointing in the direction of the rest-rooms. As we slowly walked down the path we saw to our left a large white tent where the reception and dinner would take place. The tables were rectangular and connected together to create a giant C which I have never seen before for an arrangement, but would now use for an event of this nature.

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We continued to walk and make  our way down the path or you could say red carpet, which consisted of stunning ornate Persian rugs that were from Mr & Mrs. Adib’s house collection (Rebecca’s parents).

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That path led to a breath taking view of mountains.  Lets give you some perspective here of the natural landscape before I go on about the wedding decorations.  This backyard was situated at the foot of what we were told to be one of the deepest lakes in North America called Birken Lake.  Cascading around what looked like a pond because of the magestic nature of the mountains rising up behind the water in a panoramic view.  At the foot of the lake and the edge of the backyard was a working railway where freight trains passed through twice a day.  We know this because an actual train passed by and we were told to get off of the tracks!  It was as if they planned this to shock and awe us.  The men were even excited because they hurried to put their coins on the railway tracks before the trains came.  Apparently it was a nostalgic moment for some of the men.

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One of my most favorite decorating details from the wedding was the vanity, it was positioned to our right as one of the first items you saw when you walked into the backyard. It was subtle and tucked away, but once your eye caught it you couldn’t help but to linger around the area and play Alice in Wonderland. Chandeliers hung from tree branches perfectly framed in the beautiful vanity which acted as a guest signing station. It was brilliant! I honestly felt like I was in a movie or on a movie set. Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted a Victorian vanity set in my room, so I immediately ran over to the table and had my own photo shoot.

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The ceremony was classic, simple, and refreshing, much like the natural scenery surrounding them. The bride and groom Rebecca and Sam both looked radiant and elated to finally have tied the knot.  Over all it was a fantastic wedding with decorations that were eco friendly, rustic and worked with the landscape, yet at the same time were enchanting, with a bohemian energy, and a touch of sophistication. Lastly the musical choice of the evening was DJ D-Nice, who provided an amazing soundtrack to a picture perfect evening.  I honestly could go on and on about how fabulous this wedding was but, I think the photo’s can speak for themselves…

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