FASHION: “Off with their heads”

Its a great feeling when my waredrobe comes in handy for others. I was able to help out a friend for a photo shoot a few months back with a few key pieces from my closet. He had a vision for a creative photo shoot he was doing but was having a hard time finding the looks. After a bit of brainstorming I realized I had a few key pieces that would work perfectly for his concept. I was able to contribute my plaid wool cape, along with the Beria hat, and the safari button up shirt which all came in very handy and pulled together the over all look.

Plaid Cape from: 69 Vintage 1207 Bloor Street location
Beria: Le Chateau
Safari Button Up Shirt: Vintage Eddie Bauer from Value Village

Here’s a write up from the photographer explaining where his inspirations for this creative came from:

“Off With Their Heads”

An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere- MLk

The concept behind this shoot was to create awareness regarding a decision made by the British Government to triple the cost of tuition from $5000 to $15,000 pounds per year. After mass rioting by more than 200,000 students on separate days of protest against the decision. A near ambush on Prince Charles and Camilla wasn’t enough to hear the cries of injustice. This decision to triple tuition fees would lead some to believe that Britain is near a financial melt down. Fortunately Britain still has enough money to fund the 40 million pounds it’s going to cost for Prince William and Kate to get married in April. The Government of Britain is chopping off the access for the poor and middle class to further their education with this tuition increase. I guess this is the modern day version of “Off With Their Heads”.

I would provide a link but I encourage you to check this out on your own.

Photographer/Creative Director: Marc Madilson
Model: Cassandra Batts
Assisted Styling: Natasha Singh




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  1. sharob May 18, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    Great shoot! I could never pull that cape off…but it’s stunning on you and Cassandra! lol great work Marc 😉

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