FASHION: Channeling the Optimism of the 50's @ Hillebrand Winery

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My sister stumbled upon this book called Vintage Fashion: Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics, 1900-1990 by author Emma Baxter Wright; the book also includes a forward by Zandra Rhodes… As soon as my sister saw this book she automatically thought to buy it for me as an early birthday gift! It is now my most favorite coffee table book at the moment, and is quickly becoming a favourite amongst my friends and family when they come to visit me! It’s a great book to pick up on a Sunday afternoon, and select a decade of fashion to read up on, whilst enjoying a cup of tea and the smooth sounds of jazz.

One of the decades that has always been so inspiring to my individual style has been the 1950’s; especially as of late.

50’s fashion, following World War II presented an optimistic outlook of feeling and hope. What I love about 50’s fashion is that it showcased confidence and prosperity through luxurious femine silhouettes, this was essentially the resurgence of haute couture.

The backdrop of my sporadic but yet fun-filled photoshoot was from this past weekend.  My family and I celebrated my cousin’s 40th birthday, by having a lovely dinner and wine pairing in the cellar of Hillebrand Winery in the Niagara Region. My obsession with the 50’s nipped/slim waist, and the romantic elegance and femininty of a circle skirt inspired my outfit for the evening….

Cropped Blazer: Diesel

Tanktop: American Apparel

Belt: 80’s vintage leather belt from Value Village

Skirt: Early 90’s paisley skirt from Value Village

Tights: Found in my closet?

Handbag: Vintage genuine leather doctors inspired bag made in Canada purchased @ Chat Noir in Guelph Ontario

Footwear: Jeffery Campbell Lace Up Clogs purchased at Chasse Gardee in Toronto

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