Brought to you by Singhnature, Walk-in Closet is a celebration of life through clothing and accessories.

Conceptually, the pop-up shop facilitates a fashion forward individual’s desire to find new homes for their once treasured pieces. Through a carefully curated retail event, Walk-in Closet brings together fashion and environmentally conscious consumers interested in local, thrift, vintage and one-of-a-kind goods.

Based on Singhnature’s philosophy of sustainability and our mantra of: recycle, reuse and reinventing. Walk-in-Closet transforms the wardrobe cleansing process into a memorable personal, unique and conscious shopping experience.

Walk-in Closet second anniversary is approaching and what a better way to kick start a new year of thrift therapy, then with a Curvy Closet hosted by the one and only Fashion Blogger Franceta Johnson. Join us Thursday April 10th 6-10pm at A HOMERUN! opening celebration music by Music by Bambii aka Kirsten Aza treats sponsored by Le Dolci.


“I am a wild child Toronto native, Fashion Design graduate, current Graphic Design student and creator of a self-titled plus size personal style blog, Franceta Johnson. I started in March of 2010 as a personal journal for my dreams and aspirations of one day becoming a fashion designer but quickly realized that I loved so much more then just fashion! Through my journey, I try to inspire and motivate readers on their own journey through… well, whatever it may be, and constantly reassure them that breaking all of the rules and being completely true to yourself is best way to enjoy fashion regardless of size, shape or colour.

My style is pretty eclectic and it always seems to be changing. It doesn’t have a catchy name like “hip hop goth” or any logical reasoning behind it; I just wear what I love at the moment and most of it just so happens to be black. I also own an unnatural amount of black sunglasses (17 pairs to be exact) the worlds supply of statement necklaces hang in my bedroom, and I’m pretty sure that I have owned almost every shade of lipstick; starting at red and ending at black… Yeah, obsession might be the correct term to use here!

I am opening my closet to Natasha because I’ve been through a lot of good and bad style phases in the past, but I’m now ready to take my style to a more mature and sophisticated level as I search for the career of my dreams. In order to move forward, I must sacrifice some of the sequinned crop tops, brightly coloured dresses and faux leather and fur jackets to make room for my current wants!” – Franceta Johnson

Franceta Johnson

Personal Style: Eclectic and Ever-changing

Style Inspirations: All phases of Rihanna, Solange Knowles, Gwen Stefani, Karla Deras, The Kardashian Family; Kanye Era (I’m sort of embarrassed to say that…No, I lied. I’m not.)

Style Quote of the Moment: “Stressed, But Well Dressed.”

Favourite Fashion God: Does Kanye count?

Style Rule of the Moment: None. No style rule will ever hinder me!

Check out sneak peeks of Franceta Closet here on Walk-in Closet instagram!

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