Hanging Pictures on My Wall by Naskademini 2016


In celebration of the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend, that took place in Toronto, OPEN event series powered by Shopify hosted a 4-day art exhibit along side panel talks with emerging creative entrepreneurs inside the former MOCA in the trendy Queen West neighbourhood.

Shopify partnered up with artist and photographer NASKADEMINI for his art exhibit called Hanging Pictures On My Wall. Fusing together 
art, music, lifestyle and culture, the exhibit featured black and white never seen before photographic stills of prominent artists from the golden era of hip-hop, 1990’s-00’s. The images were taken by now renowned photographers.  In addition, the exhibit featured a vintage collection of various publications dating back to 1989. The bedroom was staged to resemble a typical bedroom of a teenager growing up in the 90’s, focusing on the cultural and musical influences of the era, including rare collectors, items and memorabilia, creating a time capsule into the past.

What I loved about leading this project the was witnessing like-minded individuals come together and connecting over, a weekend of art, culture, music, and storytelling.

Photos captured by Andrew Williamson for more photos pls click here: 





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