DIY On the Go Postcard

A few months back I started attending a weekly “Open Art Studio” which allows people, like myself, to explore their artistic ability in a studio setting where tools and direction are provided by experienced artists. It is very reminiscent of a high school art class (minus the drama of high school). For me, it’s more like art therapy- a couple of hours a week where I can escape from my everyday reality. Whatever the project I decide to take on for that week I allow myself to let my mind and emotions be free. Eventually, I end up expressing that freeness through my completed artwork.

One week, Tiffany (who is one of the master minds behind the “Open Art Studio”) brought blank post cards in for everyone and asked us to create a piece of work with a message on the front and leave the back blank. I decided to create a collage, which is now officially my new favorite pass time.

I didn’t know what my message was going to be so I decided to flip through a few random magazines for inspiration. I came across a Samsung advertisement which peaked my interest, I immediately started cutting and pasting away. Tiffany also asked us to put the address of the art studio on the back of the post card. Her final instruction was for us to leave it somewhere in a public place- whether it be a library, bookstore, cafe, etc.. She wanted to see if someone would write a message and mail it back.

It took me weeks to find the right spot but I finally did. I haven’t checked to see if someone mailed it back yet but I really hope who ever came across it took a moment to appreciate my art.

Question if you were to leave a message in a public place for a random stranger to read where would you leave it and what would the message be?

Photo by: Tiffany Love


3 Responses to DIY On the Go Postcard

  1. Beebs May 16, 2011 at 8:56 pm #

    I would leave it on the seat of the subway… message would be…take off your head phones, take your eyes off the pages that you are reading, stop playing games on your phone, and simply look up…enjoy the beauty of everyday life…xoxo

  2. Hayat August 5, 2011 at 8:22 am #


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