Natasha Singh
Shopify Unite After Party 2018
Shopify Unite After Party 2018
Kyle Pop-Up 2016
Kylie Pop Up 2016 LA
OPEN by Shopify
Hanging Pictures on My Wall
Hanging Pictures on My Wall
Hanging Pictures On My Wall
Mix Tape of Hanging Pictures On My Wall
OPEN by Shopify NYC
OPEN by Shopify
Smoke and Ash
Natasha Singh aka @miss_singh

FASHION: Bollywood Hollywood

A throw back to 2010 one of my best finds to date was a custom made dress that fit me like a glove and no alterations needed to be done. All I had to do was give it a good hand wash, steam and it was good to go. I did have to reinforce the […]

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THRIFT: Wasteland L.A. California

A few years back when I was in LA I stumbled upon a store on Melrose called Wasteland which carries modern, vintage and designer fashion. I remember my friend and I were in awe with the amount of new and old goodies we came across. I think we spent a few hours just browsing from […]

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FASHION: the art of re use

“The art of re use is an organization set on changing the way people perceive thrift fashion. Our goal is to create a new culture surrounding thrift fashion through our various outlets. Which contain but are not limited to our pop up stores, our magazine and our podcasts.”

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ARTS/CULTURE: Visual Stimulation

It amazes me how a simple picture can evoke so much emotion for me this picture inspires me, gives me a sense of hope, makes me think of endless possibilities and gives off a positive energy. May sound cheesy but its true… What does this picture do for you… Photo by: moi    

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DIY Wall of Frames

There are many ways to dress up your boring white walls aside from paint which can get expensive and become extremely time consuming. I decided to think outside the box with one of my walls and created a wall installation of old empty frames (which were all purchased from various second hand stores, each frame […]

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