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Build Black
Shop Class NYC
Kyle Pop-Up 2016
Kylie Pop Up 2016 LA
Shopify Unite After Party 2018
Shopify Unite After Party 2018
Natasha Singh
OPEN by Shopify
OPEN by Shopify
Hanging Pictures on My Wall
Hanging Pictures on My Wall
Hanging Pictures On My Wall
Mix Tape of Hanging Pictures On My Wall
OPEN by Shopify NYC
Natasha Singh aka @miss_singh

ARTS/CULTURE: Visual Stimulation

It amazes me how a simple picture can evoke so much emotion for me this picture inspires me, gives me a sense of hope, makes me think of endless possibilities and gives off a positive energy. May sound cheesy but its true… What does this picture do for you… Photo by: moi    

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DIY On the Go Postcard

A few months back I started attending a weekly “Open Art Studio” which allows people, like myself, to explore their artistic ability in a studio setting where tools and direction are provided by experienced artists. It is very reminiscent of a high school art class (minus the drama of high school). For me, it’s more […]

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FASHION: My Clair Huxtable Dress

[singlepic id=4 w=350 h=460 float=right] Whenever I need a dress for a major event or a night out with the ladies I go on a serious thrifting mission. I go straight to the dress section in which ever second hand store or vintage boutique I stumble upon and go on a dress hunt. Sometimes I […]

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