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Build Black
Shop Class NYC
Kyle Pop-Up 2016
Kylie Pop Up 2016 LA
Shopify Unite After Party 2018
Shopify Unite After Party 2018
Natasha Singh
OPEN by Shopify
OPEN by Shopify
Hanging Pictures on My Wall
Hanging Pictures on My Wall
Hanging Pictures On My Wall
Mix Tape of Hanging Pictures On My Wall
OPEN by Shopify NYC
Natasha Singh aka @miss_singh

OPEN Powered by Shopify featuring Nor Black Nor White 2015

OPEN is an event series that brings together people with limitless potential. It’s a gathering of creators, new business owners, designers, and curious entrepreneurs, who want to grow, learn and get shit done. Powered By Shopify. The first instalment for OPEN was an intimate discussion about the entrepreneurial journey for Nor Black Nor White and what influenced them to […]

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Marcus Troy at Shopify’s Retail Tour in SF 2015

How To Work With Influencers panel talk at Shopify’s Retail Tour in San Francisco June 2015. Panel curated by Marcus Troy who invited Craig Hackey Entrepreneur, and Monica Fineis is the Social Media Director and moderated by Arati Sharma Director of Marketing at Shopify. My role for this project was the content creator and event producer for the panel talk.

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What Have I Been Up To?

Photo By Naskademini    Guess what I’ve been up to for the last year and a half? I’ve been hard at a work as an Offline Marketer for Shopify. My creative energy has been put to use in ways I didn’t even know were possible. In a short amount of time, I have worked with an […]

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Cadbury Creme Egg #CrackIntoTheCream Egg Hunt 2015

Singhnature’s latest project was to create a Adult egg hunt for CADBURY CREME EGG. It was so much fun to create a night to discover your inner child by roaming the halls of Artscape Youngplace in an adventurous easter egg hunt. The egg hunt included drinks, music, and some good ol’ rambunctious fun.

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Walk-in Closet is a celebration of life through clothing and accessories. Conceptually, the Toronto-based shop helps fashion forward individuals find new homes for their previously treasured pieces by inspiring its customers to recycle, reuse and reinvent. What used to be a monthly pop-up has evolved into a unique online shopping experience, carefully curated to serve […]

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Walk-in Closet isn’t only a one stop pop-up shop of preloved items from fashionable closets. It’s a home for inspiration and ideas on how to RECYCLE, REUSE and REINVENT your personal closet. I love finding and sharing unique DIY ideas from Pinterest that really make you think outside the box. Be sure to follow my Walk-in […]

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