Warning! … If my friends and family cannot find me on Sunday’s, it is because I have probably ran away and joined the Antiques Road Show. Okay, it’s not actually called the Antiques Road show, but is called the Aberfoyle Antique Market which takes place in Guelph, Ontario. It is Canada’s oldest Antique Market and has been around since 1961. It’s the one place that my inner child comes out, and all I want to do is kick and scream when the market shuts down for the day. I can honestly spend the whole day there; walking in and out of stalls, eager to buy something that’s a fixer-upper, or an antique which happens to be in mint condition – it doesn’t matter, I want it all! I am in shopping heaven when I am there, it is definitely my kind of shopping style No Muzak, No Malls, Very Few Walls.

“Be prepared to be moved — the antiques and collectibles can trigger long-forgotten memories, offer lessons in Ontario history, and of course inspire ideas for adding character and charm to your home or office.”

Two of my favorite stalls this past Sunday was #56 and #111 both of which had some very interesting pieces. Stall #56 has been at this market for over 15 years and the owner also happens to have a vintage store in downtown Guelph called Chat Nior.

My sister bought a large empty wooden frame for $10.00 – this inspired her to create a painting for her home. She also had some great washroom pieces, such as “his & her” hooks, along with glass soap dispensers, vintage buttons, lamps, old books you name it she had it!

Stall #111 was also really cool, mainly because of it’s set-up! It had a carriage that I am guessing was from 1800’s -It really felt as if I was on a movie set for a moment.

One tip I shall give anybody who has never gone antiquing and is looking to buy a magical piece for their home, is go with a clear focused goal. Have an idea what you would ideally like to thrift/antique that day and stick to it or else you will come out with something you may not necessarily need. That’s exactly what happened to me this past Sunday I ended up with two antique/vintage purses, this is not what I had intended on purchasing, but I do not regret it at all! Two more beauties to add to my collection….

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