THRIFT: Carrie Bradshop Vintage Couture in Lyon France

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As mention in a previous post I was recently in Lyon France on vacation. One day, I was walking aimlessly, and I stumbled upon a boutique called Carrie Bradshop Vintage Couture. I absolutely adored the name of this store, as it was well suited for the selection they offer. I ended up spending over an hour in this small and intimate boutique and was in love with a number of their accessories from scarves, bags and belts. The co owner and very kind gentlemen was full of interesting facts about the products they carried as well as being knowledgeable of French fashion and pop culture. He also informed me that everything in the store was hand selected by his business partner and himself. They took pride in their vintage couture finds and wanted to make sure they gave their customers the best quality of second hand clothing which is why all of the merchandise was dry cleaned, washed or steamed. I walked away with a vintage leather burgundy snakeskin clutch and an olive green with gold hardware wide high waist stretch belt from the 80’s.

Side note: The weirdest thing happened while I was browsing a song came on with my name in it by the artist Gregory Czerkinsky “Natacha”┬áthe universe was telling me that moment was meant to be.

Location:17 rue Romarin 69001 Lyon Quartiers: Pentes de la Croix-Rousse, 1er arrondissement

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