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I recently took a trip to the west coast of Canada, and while I was there I was determined to check out some vintage and thrift stores to see what Vancouver had to offer. Luckily my good friend Natasha Amy John (a local to Van City girl) was the perfect tour guide tour guide that I needed to complete this task. Our first stop was front and Company which is on 3772 Main Street in the Riley Park neighborhood. The first thing that caught my attention was the store’s window display which consisted of bright coloured yarn work wrapped around hangers on one side and a bicycle hanging from the ceiling with yarn strings shooting down to the ground. It was a variation of “yarn bombing” for those of you who are familiar with the term. It stopped me dead in my tracks, and of course I took a ton of pictures. I eventually walked in after inspecting the ambitious artwork created in the window and was amazed to see the size of the store and the variety of merchandise they had to offer.

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One half of the store was dedicated to new merchandise, and the other half of the store was second hand, yet carefully picked vintage items. The over all concept of the store is that they carry new, samples and consigned trend setting fashions for both men’s and ladies. What really impressed me was the layout of the store and the over all interior designing. You could tell a lot of love and positive energy had gone into each inch of this store, and each item in the store was picked out with a fine tooth comb. One of my favorite interior accessories of the store was the Tea Cup installation which were hanging from the ceiling centrally located above a wall of handbags.

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Oh yes and not to forget they also have a gift shop next door which carries merchandise from all over including L.A, New York, London and Japan. A great place to buy a unique cards which is what I did for an up coming wedding. They carry a wide range of items including cooking utensils, stationary, books, decorative items and even infant and children’s items.

Overall, the shopping experience in the store was relaxing, eclectic, pleasant and inspiring in addition to a very kind and helpful staff. I would highly recommend this as a shopping destination the next time you end up in Vancouver.

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