Do you have your Halloween costume yet?

Just a little FYI: Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for second hand and thrift stores! So if you don’t have your costume yet, you better get to the closest Value Village or Sally Ann because it is officially crunch time! WARNING… you must mentally prepare yourself before walking into a Value Village, because it will be mayhem and madness in there.

Halloween has been one of my favorite Holidays ever since I was a young lady; I love to go all out when finding a costume – obviously on a thrifty budget.

One of my favorite Halloween costumes of all time, was from last year, where I dressed up as “The Belle of the Ball”. I was that little girl who did not what to take off her costume, I literally wanted to eat, sleep and live in my princess costume. That is exactly why I am recycling my costume this year. Who could let a second-hand find like this go to waste? I might as well get my money’s worth! However, I may reinvent my costume so it’s not exactly like last year’s version. Maybe I’ll be “The Belle of the Ball – Zombie edition” …….but I just may need a zombie make up lesson 101!

Thrift Find: Vintage Depot on Bloor West

Cost: $60.00

Accessories: My Treasure Trunk also known as my closet


20111026-125054.jpg 20111026-125106.jpg 20111026-125118.jpg

FYI: A well deserved win for the Avatar (Jessica Pasternak) who won best costume at last years Wonderland Halloween Party @ Maro. ¬†And YES! She is only wearing body make up, feathers and a loin cloth… Work it Avatar!

Photo’s brought to you by: Instagram

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