THRIFT: St Lawrence Market Toronto

I am ashamed to admit that out of all of the years I have lived in Toronto, I have rarely taken the time to go and visit the St. Lawrence Market. Recently, I finally dragged my cousin and myself out of bed on a beautiful Sunday morning to check out the Vintage and Antique Market at the St. Lawrence Market. We felt like tourists for a day in our own city. Sacrificing my beauty sleep that morning was well worth it because I had died and gone to thrifting heaven! There was so much visual stimulation it was a bit over whelming at first, but I finally got into a groove and started rummaging through all of the goods. I was so consumed in the items that I had found that I started to draw a crowd. People were stopping to watch me play dress up in the middle of the market.

After all of the dress up, I finally ended up purchasing a handful of vintage earrings and a pair of sunglasses for $20.00! I was impressed with the over all selection the market had to offer. Such diverse vendors with a unique selection of antique jewelry, vintage clothing, antiques and house wear. What blew my mind away the most were the old throw back illustrations covers of VOGUE.

I highly recommend you take a stroll through on a Sunday morning and see what exciting treasures you may find. Trust me it’s worth losing sleep over!

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  1. Vick Vale June 29, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    ok…so im in love with Toronto now!!!

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