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Walk-in Closet is a celebration of life through clothing and accessories. Conceptually, the Toronto-based shop helps fashion forward individuals find new homes for their previously treasured pieces by inspiring its customers to recycle, reuse and reinvent. What used to be a monthly pop-up has evolved into a unique online shopping experience, carefully curated to serve fashionable and environmentally conscious consumers in need of thrift therapy and in search of local vintage and one-of-a-kind goods. In the spirit of sustainability and goodwill, unsold goods are donated to a shelter in need each month. SHOP ONLINE NOW!


Find out who’s closets you can fall head over heals with.

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Why Walk In Closet? I feel Walk-In Closet is special because each experience is completely unique. Being apart of WIC, along my sister, Marienne and good friend, Charisse, each of us are completely different in personality and style, yet they are still able to represent us in unity (#girlpower!). WIC is connected to a diverse body of people who appreciate and respect quality — in anything! In fun, travels, home and obviously, clothing.

The wardrobe I’ll be parting with represents such a significant part of my growth and life journeys over the past ten years. I’ve learned so much about who I am. I’m always experimenting and remaining honest to how I want to express myself in that moment. And what I’ve learnt is, the only constant is change. Be open to it and have fun! Closet’s tell many stories and WIC does just that.

Tell us a bit about yourself? I’d like to think I’m a human version of Elmyra from tiny toons. I have a quiet and dark obsession with cuteness. I love freedom of expression. I’m not shy of worshipping strangers in public (if you catch my eye) either.

In this alternative universe, I am a makeup and hair artist now based in my hometown, Toronto, previously lived in British soil, and occasionally travel for work and/or play. I meet new people for a living and stroke their faces with the finest brush hairs from exotic goats in mountains so high you need a spaceship. I’d like to continue living my life searching for uniqueness. Everyone is. Protect it with all your heart!

Personal Style? futuristic tomboy (cozy dipped in glitter)

Style Inspirations? no one in particular. Many of my influences are from ‘90s and early ‘00s rnb/rap/pop music videos. Mary J. Blige signature dark lips, Lil Kim’s flashiness, everything in En Vogue’s in “free your mind”, early videos by Hype Williams, SPICE GIRLS, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson in Scream, the list goes on… I felt that style and music was so ahead of it’s time.

Style Quote of the Moment? “Don’t knock it till you try it”

Favourite Fashion God(s)? All the O.G.’s in Advanced Style

Style Rule of the Moment? Always be yourself (and remember, there can/will be many versions). Have fun and stay fly!

Social Media: Instagram: @milavictorious & @milavictoria,  Twitter: @milavictoria,  Youtube: Mila Victoria

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Why Walk-in Closet? I personally feel that my style has changed from time to time. And although most of my pieces remain classic, I’ve decided that it was time to find a new home for some of my treasured pieces that I had collected over the years. I am thankful to be given the opportunity to collaborate with WIC, in which my collection will be marketed through their first online store.

Tell us a bit about yourself? I’m a freelance Hair and Makeup Artist from Toronto. I’m also one half of Beauty By You, a bridal service that my partner Mila Victoria and I operate together. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading a good book and looking for new inspiration through fashion, arts and culture.

Personal Style: Classic & Versatile

Style Inspirations: I don’t have any particular style inspirations because I do not want to limit myself in what I wear. But I definitely gravitate towards more to menswear style for its structured classic tailored pieces. But if I have to choose one style celebrity who inspires me, it would definitely be Nicole Riche for her versatility.

Style Quote of the Moment: “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe

Favourite Fashion God: Pharrell. He definitely is not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion.

Style Rule of the Moment: Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it.

Social Media: Instagram: @char_fel  Twitter: @char_fel

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Who are you and what do you do? I am an aspiring actor­creator ­ I hope to become a professional actor as well as create and develop new work. I am in my final year at Humber College for the Theatre Performance conservatory program. I recently co­created a devised puppetry piece with Artebote Collective and performed it to a sold­out run this past August.

Why Walk­in Closet? I’ve accepted the fact that I’ve developed an insatiable need for material goods but I’m working towards living a more simple yet fulfilled existence. I’ve gathered and hoarded a multitude of things over the course of my life ­ some of which I’ve only wore a couple of times; others still have tags on them. Style is an ever evolving enigma and my style has shifted and morphed dramatically over the last ten years. So much so, that I am now ready to let go of my most treasured items. It’s been a tough journey but I am now becoming more confident and fearlessly expressive in my own skin which I feel my current style now reflects.

Personal Style? I’ve been in school the last three years and the kind of program I’m in necessitates being in absolutely comfortable clothing. During the week, I mostly wear things that I can move and stretch in ­ leggings, sports bras, warm sweaters, and loose tops are my jam. On my days off, I like to dress up a bit with a pair of boots/heels, lipstick, or a bold neck piece but it always has a casual aesthetic to it ­ think baggy denim, loose tee’s or boyfriend button­ups (they are usually varying kinds of denim).

Style Inspirations? The people of Toronto and the world; interesting patterns, colours, and texture; and obviously, my sister, Mila Victoria.

Style rule of the moment? Wear what you want. Life is too short to care what people think.

Social Media: “What’s social media?

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