The next Walk-In Closet participants, are sister’s opening up their fashionable closets; learn more about @royolaroyola aka Robin Lacambra  & @laplaylist aka Lori Lacambra here:

My name is Robin Yolanda Orbeta-Lacambra. Born & raised in Toronto, I’ve always endeavoured to surround myself with this city’s creative hustlers. I consider myself blessed to be motivated by and run alongside such driven individuals. Inspired by many, my hustle reflects its diverse sources. Part yoga teacher, part maker, part dream-team assembler, part event producer, part pimp of artists and designers – my work is spread across the board. Just like my wardrobe. Pieces range from 50s housewife dresses to sequinned leopard leggings – it’s no wonder that my very first VHS tapes were Mary Poppins and Madonna’s Like a Virgin Tour. Though seemingly random, what underlies my work and my style is consistent : the love for sharing and play. I invite you to come share and play with any and all of my hustles, any and all of my closet.


Who is @LAPLAYLIST aka Lori Lacambra learn more about what she like and her style here:

Hey! Hi! My name is Lori-Anne. I go by LA or Baby Lacambra, you pick!  I am exactly 5 foot nothing, which I like to consider average height, but most beg to differ… I currently work at Aritzia, which (sometimes) inspires my wear, and Downward Dog Yoga, which (always) inspires my lifestyle.  I love to love. I love tattoos. I love cats. And I LOVE my sister.  I also love to play dress-up– When I say dress-up, I actually mean I impulsively shop and fill my closet with almost anything.  And since that is expanding into my hallway, I figured it was time to reevaluate. Being in the retail world for all of my working life, I’ve collected a number of goodies. Goodies ranging from all-silk-everything, to shoes and bags that were just victims of retail therapy.  Now that my current style is pretty lean and simple, I thought these pieces could live a better life in someone else’s wardrobe!  Short and Simple, I’m a lover and an Impulsive do-er/buy-er.  And I am short and simple.

#SISTERXSISTER Check here sneak peeks here at @walkin_closet on Instagram

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