What Have I Been Up To?

Natasha Singh

Photo By Naskademini 


Guess what I’ve been up to for the last year and a half? I’ve been hard at a work as an Offline Marketer for Shopify. My creative energy has been put to use in ways I didn’t even know were possible. In a short amount of time, I have worked with an amazing team of people and have created a body of work that we are all so proud of.

At Shopify, our mission is to to make commerce better for everyone. Coming from the corporate retail fashion industry and then as a freelancing creative entrepreneur, it was interesting transitioning into the world of tech. It has been one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of my life. I honestly didn’t think I would go back to work for a corporate company when I was freelancing for the past few years. But Shopify is far from that, the culture and people who work there are nothing like what I’ve experienced before. What I love the most about my position is that I eat sleep and breath entrepreneurship and I carry that spirit into the work I do.

Every project I get to work on is always so different from the last project. Each project has so many different hats that you need to wear, including roles like content creator, event producer, event marketer, project manager, community builder, dot connector … the list can go on. Because of the variety of projects and the fast-paced environment, it keeps my mind engaged at all times. I can say that I thoroughly love what I’ve been able to create this far and I am very excited for the future.

The next several posts will be a visual recap of each project I’ve worked on and how I’ve added my Singhnature touch to each of them.



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